MOTAÏBA has decided to set up business in Vietnam

Vietnam was occupied for a long period by its neighbour, China, and has recently experienced a painful period of conflict that everyone has heard about. The difficult path towards independence, which was finally gained in 1975, has given Vietnam a special status in South-East Asia.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a forward-looking country, which is currently undergoing a rapid period of modernization and opening its doors to the outside world. Since its reunification in 1975 Vietnam has never looked back and its dynamic tourist sector is making the « Land of the Dragon » a must tourist destination. There is nothing surprising about this when one takes into account Vietnam’s exceptional cultural heritage, its magnificent and diverse scenery and the remnants of its ancient and recent history which add together to make Vietnam an unforgettable experience for the traveller in search of exciting and authentic emotions.

We can offer you many different ways of discovering Vietnam but out of all the options we propose, which is the best ? The one that you prefer, of course!

Vietnam by boat. With MOTAÏBA you will depart on a journey to discover the authentic Vietnam through its people, its traditions, its landscapes and its charming hotels. You will discover the world famous Halong Bay on board a traditional junk and the Mekong Delta on board a sampan.

Direct contact with the inhabitants. In Vietnam there are 54 ethnic minorities living in the mountains, which border with Laos and China and in the Central Highlands. Visiting these villages on foot is the only true way to discover and understand these minorities who remain very much attached to their ancestral traditions. This is an ideal way to discover the country differently through its original inhabitants and their culture.

Discover Vietnam by train. The three Vietnamese capital cities, Hanôi, Huê and Ho Chi Minh City are linked by rail. This railway line which crosses Vietnam from north to south, links the traditional world to the modern one. This rail journey is a once in a lifetime experience, which will allow you to discover the marvellous scenery along Vietnam’s coast. Travelling by train is also an excellent way to meet the Vietnamese.

Our tours of Vietnam will allow you to meet the main ethnic minorities of the mountainous North and of the Central Highlands. As well as visiting these exciting mountain sites you will also have the opportunity to visit 4 other world heritage sites: the natural wonders of Halong Bay and the Phong Nha caves and the cities of Huê and Hoi An.

Guaranteed prices

Once you have booked a trip with MOTAÏBA our prices are fixed and guaranteed to remain the same even if there are fluctuations in the price of fuel, exchange rates or tax rises during the season.

To make things perfectly clear, this guarantee applies to tours, to packages (circuits + overnight stays), group trips and all other types of trip, which include air travel in a holiday organised by MOTAÏBA.



Sustainable Tourism

We travel to discover authentic culture, historical sites and, of course, breathtaking landscapes. But there are also other challenges involved in tourism, especially in developing countries. On the one hand, tourism is a fantastic economic and social force for good but, on the other hand, it can put pressure on ecologically fragile sites and have an undesired cultural and social impact.

That’s why MOTAÏBA supports communities and organizations, which care about environmental protection and wish to promote the cultural and natural heritage of Vietnam.

What if I change my mind?

With MOTAÏBA you can change the dates and destinations of your holiday up to 30 days before your departure date.

We are happy to inform you that there is no calendar restriction for this advantage, which applies to any reservation made with MOTAÏBA for which MOTAÏBA has not organised the international air travel.

You are allowed to modify your departure dates and your destinations up to 30 days before your departure date- subject to availability-without incurring any extra charge provided that the total price of your modified trip is equivalent or superior to the price of the original trip. If the price of your modified trip is inferior to the price of the original one you must forgo the price difference. You must begin your modified trip no later than 30 days after the date of the trip you originally booked. You are allowed to modify your trip only once.



MOTAÏBA zooms in on quality and authenticity.

Our aim is to allow you to gain access to the most beautiful spots in Indochina, in the best possible conditions… In order to make this possible, our teams visit hotels and meet our hotel partners and welcoming families in the regions where we operate in order to select the very best places which meet our high demands and assure your comfort and well-being.

There is no secret about it: our selectiveness is the key to the success of your holiday…Once a hotel has passed our selection process it continues to be inspected by our teams throughout the year.We regularly visit and scrupulously control the quality our local partners in order to guarantee for you the highest quality of catering and accommodation during your stay.