Gourmet Voyages

With Gourmet Voyages, you will always be taken care in a personal way. No pre-packaged destinations !
We specialize in gourmet experiences paired with varied themes and activities…  Cathy is here to put together the perfect itinerary for you, the one that will ultimately meet your expectations.
Gourmet Voyages & Motaïba Travel are happy to share similar inspirations, being your organizers to offer you the ultimate lifestyle in flexibility.  In addition to our culinary tours, we will gladly customize a program  to suit your level of culinary interest and proficiency in any of our destinations. Gourmet Voyages is affiliated with Virtuoso and Coastline Travel Advisors.


Euro Vietnam Diving

We are Franco-Vietnamese family and we founded Euro Vietnam Diving in January 2010. We decided to join a network of local partners in Vietnam having a strong notoriety. Our ethical and eco-tourism approach are in perfect agreement with our receptive partner MotaÏba Indochina. Their permanent & constant monitoring of the services, if necessary, request an immediate reactivity to adapt and modify in real time the services being a real guarantee of the seriousness and the success of Motaïba at regional level.


Asia Horizons Books

Asia Horizons Books Co., Ltd was established in Bangkok to publish mainly photographique books on Asia. It has produced a number of photographic books including ‘Issan, Forgotten Provinces of Thailand’; ‘Laos: A Journey Beyond the Mekong’ , ‘Angkor : Ancient Kingdom’ , ‘Cambodia: the Years of Turmoil’. It has also published a series of small picture books on… see the Web site. Asia Horizons Books production is distributed mainly in Southeast Asia. Motaïba Travel is happy to contribute new books to come out and to keep you informed about publishing interesting books on Southeast Asia.


“La Badiane” Restaurant

While staying in Hanoi discover the « Badiane » an elegant and distinguished restaurant created in 2008 by 3 French friends which is rapidly gaining an international reputation for its fine cuisine.


S&S Traduction & Translation

When it comes to arranging conferences, conventions and meetings (MICE)Motaïba Voyage offer an unparalleled choice of locations and services in Vietnam. From organizing large conferences, conventions and events for multinational corporations to small board meetings, every detail is meticulously arranged to round off a successful event.


Photographic Journey

Roland Neveu, professional photographer and MotaÏba Travel offer an unique experience as exclusive photographic tours and Workshops with our destinations.

2023 2024 PF partners

Recommended vintage from 2013: Petit fute

Welcome to the dedicated professionals from “petit futé”. Our guide finally decided to extend its partnership with the well known agency Motaïba Indochina Travel that supports communities and organizations being at the heart of the protection and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage.



The french NGO Regard’Ailleurs creat a partnership with Motaïba Travel to live immersed in northern Vietnam and exploring peoples and tribes around Sapa . With support and logistics set up by Travel Agency Motaïba, the association could make beautiful images that can be valued to raise funds and participate financially in international solidarity projects .


Gaïa Images

The photojournalist Alexander Sattler, ask Motaïba Travel and his team to accompany him and guide him in his photographics work. Here is the gallery.


“Carnettiste” on travel

You will be guided by a watercolorist and a local guide for these workshops. Motaïba Travel agency and Marie-Cécile offer you this experience with our destinations.

Billig Trip

Billig Trip

Billing Trip organize its excursions by bicycle with a few kilos of flour and their billig under the arm, and discover brittany pan-cakes with the people they meet, and propose to let them discover the local specialties, and merge them ! As a partner, Motaïba Travel offers its knowledge and know-how in Indochina region and Myanmar to Biling Trip. Motaïba Travel is pleased to contribute to Audrey & Eric’s project as added value with our experience and services on the field to carry out their excursions and meet.

guide vert Michelin indochine

Michelin Travel : Green Guide

With the famous Green Guide, Motaïba Travel is selected and highly recommended by the Michelin requirements that focus on our tours within Indochina Region and our activity ideas for all expectations and budgets.


AFV Saigon Accueil

AFV’s mission is a space for discussion and to promote the French-speaking community by wanting to be a place of convergence and meetings. In any case, the integration of MotaÏba’s founder in Vietnam has been an inspiring source of facility in the country for nearly two decades. Therefore, it has been coherent for us to involve MotaÏba Travel Agency, a commercial brand name well known in the sub region, within our community and to strengthen our existing connections.




whereRyou is a social networking travel site that helps you get the most out of your vacation.  Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway or month-long escape to another country, you’ll find all of the recommendations and insider tips you need to make your trip exactly what you want with our main receptive and refering partner Motaïba Indochina Travel.


Le Routard

Motaïba Travel has made a confirmed reputation for organizing tailor-made trips concocted according to the desires of the most adventurous travelers. Since 1994, its founder has been traveling in South East Asia and decided to live permanently in the region in 2005, and more precisely in Hanoi, where the headquarters of the regional agency is located. Many formulas allowing to discover in depth the local life is an indisputable asset to join naturally the agency Motaïba with the guide “Le Routard”. The excursions created by the agency bring the traveler in places away from mass tourism. An agency on a human scale for those who wish to merge with the spirit and soul of the country to visit.

be my coach  - 2


After a first family trip to Vietnam with Motaïba Travel, we inevitably had to be able to associate the country and highlight it in synergy with well-being activities: Yoga and Pilates.

It is in complete zenitude for these many years that I have been in contact with the leaders; This outcome and our proximity were obvious to me in the organization of the theme and in the discovery of tourism with a human face which is also part of the spearhead of the Motaïba Travel Agency.